Corporate Social Responsibility


Within our rapidly growing organisation we continously work on our improvement and innovation program, which ultimately will lead to further savings and a reduction of waste products which contributes to a better and saver production area and overall environment.

That’s why we consciously choose for the best pinewood supplier of The Netherlands, namely Witzand bouwmaterialen. A company who commits itself completely to our social goal.

Northern European versus Middle- and Eastern European pinewood

We only use durable Scandinavian pinewood (North European pinewood), because this wood comes from forests which are managed in a responsible and sustainable way. Our Northern European pinewood supplier support the fight against illegal logging and manage their forest in an environmentally friendly manner.

In addition, Scandinavian pinewood has an excellent quality, a higher flexibility, greater pulling strenght and it can resist larger forces compared to the Middle- and Eastern European pinewood.

Furthermore our method of glueing is environmentally safe and moisture resistant. And as a result our customers can re-use the pinewood cores much more often.

DBP Holland scandinavian pinewood

DBP-Holland has ISPM-15-certification

ISPM-15 is the global standard which guarantees prevention of the spread of living organisms through wooden packaging. This certification describes the treatment of wooden packaging to ensure that any potentially harmful organisms, which may be present in the wooden packaging, are exterminated. Wood that is used to produce wooden packaging should be treated and marked before international transport. Buyers and users of wooden packaging receive this global guarantee with the ISPM-15 certification.

Our registration number ISPM-15 is: 213

For more information please click the following link: Markering Houten Verpakkingen.

Woodstove and ceiling fans

After cutting the durable pinewood cores to the desired lenght, according to the customer’s requirements, we collect the wooden waste products. The larger pieces of wood are put in our woodstove. This wood burning stove heats up the whole production facility so we don’t use any gas or electrical heating system. Besides ensuring us of a comfortable working temperature in our production area, our woodstove and ceiling fans also provide us the perfect and constant temperature which is needed for the glueing process.

Extra income through sale woodchips

Our modern wood extraction system is connected to our wood working machinery which collects the smaller wooden waste product. The sale of woodchips gives us extra income, but more importantly this wood extraction system ensures us of a healty working environment and by collecting all the wooden waste products we don’t have to dispose of them so we also contribute to the protection of the environment. Another wooden waste product which is collected by de wood extraction system is sawdust. Because Scandinavian pinewood is very clean and of excellent quality the sawdust and woodchips is used frequently for foraging of livestock breeding and horse farming.